Weddings at their finest: Delta King Downtown Sacramento

Paddlewheel room at the Delta King

November 28 at the beautiful Delta King we had the opportunity to provide ambient lighting for Mike and Debra. These two wanted nothing but the best for their wedding and guests. This was a second marriage for both of them and you could tell they really found true love this time. They wanted everyone to feel how happy and in love they were by the atmosphere and ambience; they didn’t hold back.

We only provided services for the Ceremony which took place downstairs in the Mark Twain Salon. It is a beautiful, unique room on the bottom of the boat but it’s a little dark and is not uniform in it’s shape. It also has an air conditioning unit that is placed in the front of the room where the Ceremony was to take place. Mike and Debra wanted to add some soft ambient lighting to customize it to their colors while complimenting their chair covers and drapes but keep the uniqueness of the room. This room was transformed, it was intimate and full of all their closest family and friends. We did lighting while Mimi & Co. provided chair covers and drapes on the front wall to cover the un-uniformed room. It was a large wedding; between the two of them they have 10 kids! It will be a fun merge of two families. We didn’t provide services for the Reception which was in the Paddlewheel room but I wanted to add a few pictures of all the gorgeous linens by Mimi & Co. We love how they customize all their linens and the fun, funky ways they make linens talk to you. Here are their lighting pictures and a few from the reception:


Mark Twain Salon at the Delta King


Mark Twain Salon at the Delta King

Paddlewheel room at the Delta King

Paddlewheel room at the Delta King

It wasn’t too long ago we met Mike and Debra at the Delta King’s: Fall into your Wedding Plans Open House earlier this month. We were there with their photographer Andre and Irene with Eye Connoisseur, Jenny from the Delta King and Mimi & Co. They had already booked Eye Connoisseur, Jenny and Mimi & Co. but not lighting. We were able to show them what we could do for them while brainstorming with their whole team. We went over different ideas and ways to make the rooms pop.

A few shout outs to the awesome vendors who made this happen. Jenny with the Delta King is ALWAYS so amazing and willing to do all she can to help all her clients out. Along with the Delta King staff for making the delicious Hors d’oeuvres, serving them and setting up. Always pleasant! 🙂 We also had the chance to work with the hilarious and feisty Peggy Brown, Harpist. We have met her and heard wonderful things and she is so sweet and fun. She truly is a talented lady. She played for the Ceremony and the whole Reception which added to the feel of the day. Another first was Andre and Irene with Eye Connoisseur Photography. We have known them forever (it seems) but hadn’t had the opportunity to work with them until now. It was great to see the flawless way they communicated and helped each other. We saw a few engagement pictures and they just made Mike and Debra glow. We are excited to see the rest. Here’s a few more pictures of different colors of lighting:

Mark Twain Salon at the Delta King

Mark Twain Salon at the Delta King

Mark Twain Salon at the Delta King

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!

We want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. We are so grateful for all of blessings and count them daily. We want to thank all our brides, grooms, wedding vendors, friends, family and everyone else in our lives. Life wouldn’t be as sweet and delightful without all of you. THANK YOU!!

Lighting up the Citizen Hotel for Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

Friday November 13 we were honored to be able to provide services for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. We try to give back as much as we can throughout the year with various fund raising events we do. We teamed up with Alan Sanchez from Good Day Sacramento. He was our guest MC for the evening. What a nice guy, he kept the flow of the auction going and energy high. Thanks for helping out!

We met Angie Schoonmaker through our wonderful friend Rachelle of Rachelle Photography who shot the event. Angie was in charge of this Fundraiser here in Sacramento. Hearing her talk about why she does this, you can feel the compassion and how dear this is to her heart. She did a phenomenal job, she worked so hard to pull it off. It was at the beautiful historic Citizen Hotel in Downtown Sacramento. This was our first event here. We have been here with other various events and I was on a planning committee with AfWPi for a mixer we had earlier this month but this was our first. We thought we would take advantage of it and also add a little more to their evening. We up lite the whole room and washed stars on the ceiling to add to the ambiance. Angie was very excited. This event meant a lot to her and her family. She said this organization helped her and her family last year when her grandfather was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and unfortunately passed of the disease. Her great aunt is also battling this disease and is an 11 month survivor. This event had deep meaning to her and her family. We hope they were able to raise a lot of donations from the silent auctions to help those battling Pancreatic Cancer. To learn more or donate visit their website: Pancreatic Cancer Action Network.

Here’s our pictures of our lighting, thank you to the staff at the Citizen for letting us take some pictures after wards when you were trying to do your flip. 🙂 The times we have been to the Citizen we have had nothing but great experiences. The staff is so friendly and helpful and Harmony is a sweetheart. We hope to work there again soon!

Up lighting at the Citizen Hotel

Up lighting at the Citizen Hotel

Up lighting at the Citizen Hotel

David and Ashley’s Wedding – High School Sweethearts!

David and Ashley were married November 7. We were hired just for the reception which was at the Folsom Community Center. What a nice Community Center… It is perfect for up lighting and is HUGE! We met these two with Ashley’s mom Diana earlier this year and loved them. They were so kind and genuine. Diana was a huge help for them. She helped them with their vendors and making sure everything got done. Diana did a great job with Ashley planning the wedding and making sure everything was in order. Not beat was missed. She worked so hard all the way up to the day of the wedding and then let us help her enjoy the day. She actually relaxed and took in each moment and memory of the day. Ashley and David are very busy with school and work and were lucky to have Diana.

They did a great job picking their vendors ( I mean they did pick us, jk). We had delicious food from Griselda’s Catering which is based out of the State Capitol. They had a caterer but then with this year had unfortunately gone out of business so Griselda’s was honoring all their contracts. Griselda did a great job and her staff was so friendly and professional. We are all about customer service and professionalism and enjoy when others do too. We also had the pleasure of working with Eric with Acti-Video Productions again. He is so fun to work with. He is not only one of the nicest guys we have met but he does amazing work. Their photographer is a friend that we haven’t worked with in forever. Jennifer with Pechan Photography is such a sweetie and does beautiful work. She had one of Ashley’s friends shadowing her who is just starting out herself. Not many photographers would have been that nice but that’s just Jennifer. 🙂 The friend starting out is Jen too. Her business is Jen Holley Photography. We wish her the best! Last few is Ettore’s Bakery for their cake and Sweet Memories for their florist. Very nice ladies, the flowers were so pretty. I just LOVE flowers. The colors were so vibrant, I’m loving the new trends.

Ashley and David wanted a really fun, upbeat wedding. Nothing new but they were excited, they have dated for quite some time. We hear they were high school sweet hearts and have been together 6 years. We did some fun intros with songs for each couple which always sets the tone for the night. Ashley, David and her dad all learned dance lessons for their specialty dances. They did a really really great job! It was a beautiful night and all their special touches made this huge room seem so intimate. One of my favorite things were ALL the pictures. Everywhere you looked they has a picture of them. The tables were named after place they have been together. On the tables they had that place with a picture of them together at the place. I really liked this.

Well here some pictures of lighting we did for them and their songs:

Folsom Community Center before uplighting

Folsom Community Center after uplighting

Folsom Community Center after uplighting

Wedding Party Intros:Shook me All Night Long by AC/DC, All Summer Long by Kid Rock, Citizen Solider by 3 Doors Down, Celebration by Kool n’ the Gang, I Gotta Feeling by Black Eyed Peas,

Cake Cutting: Only You Could Love me This Way by Keith urban

First Dance: Then by Brad Paisley

Father/Daughter: I Loved her First by Heartland

Mother/Son Dance: Go on by Jack Johnson

GT SONG Removal: Can’t get Enough of your Love by Barry White

GT SONG Throw: Bad Boys by Inner Circle

BT SONG: Single Ladies by Beyonce

Last Dance: A Whole New World by Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey

Donny and Shaina’s Fall/Winter Wedding

Donny and Shaina

November 6 was a perfect day for a wedding. Donny and Shaina were married at the LDS Temple in Folsom, Ca and then had their reception at the wonderful Granite Bay Golf Club. So much was going on this day. When we met with Donny and Shaina they had so many ideas. We were happy to do all we could to make it happen. Their interaction with each other was so sweet. As we planned and all the way to the day of the wedding you could just see their love for each other. Their wedding had been a long time coming. Donny and Shaina dated off and on for 8 years till the time was right. You could tell it was worth the wait. 🙂 A sweet fact: He purposed by a tree in fall (so no leaves) and tied a bunch of roses on it. We projected a large tree on the wall to tie in that sentiment.

Gobo projection of a tree

We had some awesome vendors. Mike with Jensen Wedding Films was our videographer. He is one of the best in our opinion. He does very beautiful and elegant work. There are a lot of videographers in the area and we only refer a handful we know. Depending on your style will depend who is best for you but Mike is for sure one of them! He provided a photo montage which was fun and interactive. He also did a same day edit for those who weren’t at the temple earlier. Here is the same day edit:

Donny and Shaina’s same day edit

We had a lot going on. We couldn’t get in till 3:00pm and everything started at 4:00pm. It was a crazy flip especially for Granite Bay Golf Club, Kudos to their amazing staff! Heidi had a lot of different surprises that her and the room captain Kelly had to accommodate and they did happily. We love working with vendors that will work for you! We were doing lighting and paper lanterns so once we got in, it was move move move! We of course pulled it off and were pleased. The colors were fall and winter. The centerpieces were TALL branches with rocks in a vase with fall colored leaves around them. Then we did a aqua/blue lighting. It looked really good we think. 🙂 Here some pics:

Aqua uplighting at Granite Bay Golf Club

Aqua uplighting at Granite Bay Golf Club

Aqua uplighting at Granite Bay Golf Club

Donny and Shaina had a cute love story so we did custom intro’s with a song for each wedding party member and their love story. We enjoy what we call mini love stories for intro’s. It’s not too long but also gives people a background of how you met, how one purposed and what brought them to that day. They had some shy people in their wedding party but they played it up good. Shaina also surprised Donny (and us) by singing to him, it was breath taking. These two also took dance lessons for their first dance which I always enjoy. It really pulls the guests in and intrigues them. They were flawless. I do hear she is an amazing dancer though.

Donny and Shaina

A few more special touches they did were during the ring ceremony and part of the cocktail hour was live music. Before the ceremony and during their receiving line they had two young boys playing instruments. They were really really good. One played the guitar and the other the violin. It was another change than a “typical wedding” that kept the guests on the edge of their seats. They also had their bridesmaids pin Capias on their guests after they went through the receiving line. These are a Hispanic Tradition, they are little adorned ribbon with the bride and grooms name and wedding date printed on them and is worn like a boutonniere. They are considered wedding favors. It was just a fun wedding with different ideas and lots to keep their guests entertained. Thanks for letting us be a part of it all, you two were a lot of fun!

Here are some before and after pictures of Granite Bay, we had a little fun at the end changing colors around. Hope you like!

Pink uplighting and paper lanterns at Granite Bay Golf Club

granite bay before

Red uplighting and paper lanterns at Granite Bay Golf Club

Here are their song choices:

Intro Songs: Girls Just Want to Have Fun by Cyndi Lauper, California Love by Tupac, Mustang Sally by Wilson Pickett, Oh Yeah by Yello, Foxy Lady by Jimi Hendrix, All My Life by K-Ci and JoJo, I Got a Feeling by Black Eyed Peas

First Dance: It’s Your Love by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

Father/Daughter Dance: The Way you Look Tonight by Tony Bennet

Mother/Son Dance: My Wish by Rascal Flatts

Cake Cutting: I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch) by the Four Tops

BT SONG: Whatever Lola Wants by Dinah Shore

GT SONG: Another One Bites the Dust by Queen

Last Dance: Last Dance by Donna Summer

Shawn and Leisha’s Napa Wedding, Barrel’s of fun!

Shawn and Leisha

We booked these two with not much time to plan but man was it a hit! Adorable couple these two are with the cutest kids!! Shawn and Leisha were married October 24 at a private winery in Napa. Caymus Vineyards isn’t a public venue. The owner only does small events for close friends and family. They do wine tasting though and I am told it is the best wine ever. I am not a wine drinker so I don’t know but everyone there LOVED it! They had the Ceremony in a garden area, so cute and intimate. The reception was in the barrel room where all the wine is. They moved all the barrels around to make this small room. You can see in the pictures how much character it had, I just loved the uniqueness. (I really need to find new verbs. If all our brides and grooms and their weddings were so freaking awesome, sheesh. 🙂 )

Shawn and Leisha's Wedding

Leisha and Bridesmaids

Shawn and Bridesmaids

We worked with a few new vendors who were a pleasure. Our photography was Brian with Brian Baer Photographer. What a nice guy. Thank you for the pictures in this post. He has done a lot of work for the state and a lot of political figures, very cool. Leisha was very cute and her bridesmaids were so sweet. They took a lot of fun, cute pictures. Their whole wedding party rocked! They were their for Shawn and Leisha all day to try and help make it perfect for them. Kudos… We also worked with Desiree who works for Caymus Vineyard Winery. She was a sweetheart. So nice and helpful. She helped in anyway she could, it was great having her there. Our caterer was amazing. It was very very good food. They are a restaurant that also caters weddings. The chefs were sooo nice and everyone couldn’t stop talking about the food. I didn’t grab the name but once I get it I will edit this post. Shawn and Leisha had their food family style. I think I like it this way, it was our first like it. Not only was the food delicious but it was pretty. I know that doesn’t really matter to most but the presentation was picture perfect!

Shawn and Leisha

We have been noticing a good amount this year that people want a simple wedding but also a fun one. Leisha and her bridesmaids did all the flowers themselves. They used roses and gerber daisy’s, one of my favorite. They also used candles everywhere which just added to the ambiance of the room. One of our favorite parts of the room was the long hallway of barrels, that was their grand entrance.

Shawn and Leisha

We did very basic lighting not to take away from the room but add to the ambiance. We could have lite the whole room up but it wouldn’t have had the same atmosphere. We did maybe 6 LED par cans just so it wasn’t too dark and so they could dim the lights.

Very basic uplights

Shawn and Leisha

Anyways thank you Shawn and Leisha for letting us be a part of such a special day for you two. We really enjoyed being there with your great group of family and friends. You are lucky to have such great people surrounding you!

Shawn and Leisha

Here were their song choices:

Seating of Family: Stand by Me by Ben E. King

Wedding party: Stand by Me by Ben E. King

Bridal Processional: Canon in D (Barrymore Chamber Orchestra)

Recessional: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

Wedding Party Intro: Signed, Sealed, Delivered by Stevie Wonder

First Dance: Leather and Lace by Don Henley and Stevie Nicks

Father/Daughter: Piano Man by Billy Joel

Last Dance: Save the Last Dance by Michael Buble

Tyler and Alicia’s Rustic Wedding at the Old Sugar Mill

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

LOVE THEM! What a FANTABULOUS wedding! We did Tyler and Alicia’s wedding October 17 at the rustic Carvalho’s Family Winery at the Old Sugar Mill. We just are infatuated with this venue. It has so much history and uniqueness about it. The pictures are ALWAYS fun, edgy, funky and beautiful. Jodi with Jodi Yorston Photography did a gorgeous job. I had a hard time only picking a few so enjoy them all! The Old Sugar Mill has also graced the cover of many magazine’s. The current cover of Real Weddings Magazine was shot here. Check it out!

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

Back to Tyler and Alicia. They were sooo much fun to plan and work with. They always had a smile on their face and were always laughing, it was contagious. When planning with them they really wanted it to be fun and unique. They didn’t want the traditional wedding processionals and recessional but still wanted it elegant. One of our favorite String Quartets is the Vitamin String Quartet. They remake a lot of songs from hip hop to country. Look below for their selections.

Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

This venue doesn’t need much decor but their centerpieces and linens were fabulous! The florist was Sandy with The Right Touch Florist. She had purple lights in some vases, lots of jewels and just a variety of deep colors. The picture in the post is of their head table but all of the centerpieces and bouquets were lovely. We really had a great team. We got to work with the wonderful Dawn and Nester with TLC Catering. They always do a great job and the food is always delicious. Both of them and their staff are so friendly and always moving. We just can’t get enough of them. We also got to work with Jodi with Jodi Yorston Photography which I mentioned earlier. We have been friends for awhile and finally got the chance to work together. Her and Scott were so fun to work with. We had a blast and the pictures are so stunning. Tyler and Alicia were working it all day with Jodi, she really can make you feel comfortable and help you capture all your memories. Tyler and Alicia are so energetic and happy, it shows in all their pictures. Here some of their flowers, loving the deep purple.

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill, picture of centerpiece

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill, picture of brides bouquet

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

Usually we get to work with our sweetheart Erin but she is out of the office for personal reasons so until she is back we got to work with the bubbly Katy Baker with Adagio Weddings and Events. She is sooo fun and sooo full of energy. She jumps in and runs with it. She may not have planned from the beginning but she knows what’s up, thanks Katy!

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

So all in all it was a fun wedding. We had lots of dancing and laughing. I just can’t get enough of these two!

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

Tyler and Alicia at the Old Sugar Mill

Here were their song selections:

Processional of Family: All You Need is Love by the Vitamin String Quartet (Beatles)

Processional of Wedding Party: Don’t Stop Believin’ by Vitamin String Quartet (Journey)

Bridal Processional: Theme to St. Elmo’s Fire (Instrumental)

Unity Candle: When You Believe by Vitamin String Quartet (Mariah Carey)

Recessional: : Wrapped up in You by Garth Brooks

Wedding Party Intro: Get it Started by Black Eyed Peas

First Dance: Then by Brad Paisley

Cake Cutting (Chocolate Fountain): You Sexy Thing by Hot Chocolate

Father/Daughter Dance: I loved her first by Heartland

Mother/Son Dance to Follow: I Hope you Dance by Leann Womack

GT SONG: Cherry Pie by Warrant

BT SONG: Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink

Last Dance: Wonder Wall by Oasis

Cory and Sabrina’s Sleek Black and White Wedding

Cory and Sabrina at Granite Bay Golf Club

On October 10 we did Cory and Sabrina’s wedding at Granite Bay Golf Club. We got to work with some wonderful vendors who ROCK! Bare with me because I am listing a lot of vendors in this post. They really hired the “A” team.

No detail was missed and it was perfect. Their Wedding Coordinator was Alison Ulshoffer with Alison Ulshoffer Events and Design. We also worked with Heidi at Granite Bay Golf Club. Between the two of them the Ceremony ran smoothly and flawlessly, they worked great together. Alison really pulled it all together and made a beautiful wedding for these two! We LOVE her and her staff!! Heidi is always so accommodating and her staff rocks! They had live musicians, the Camellia String Quartet for the Ceremony music which was beautiful. Not much beats live music during a Ceremony. Cory also had his friend Senator Ackerman perform the ceremony which was nice. When the minister, officiant, judge, etc. know the couple personally really makes it more personable and emotional.

Cory and Sabrina

Cory and Sabrina

Alison is an amazing designer, they really went over the top with the details. I know Cory and Sabrina didn’t want any color but black and white. They had a few accents of silver but everything looked very sharp. Katie with Ambience Floral Design did the flowers which were bright and made everything pop. Stephanie with Stephanie J Designs did the invitations and menu cards. They really tied everything in together. She does beautiful custom invitations, menu cards, etc. I LOVE little details like that. Cory and Sabrina had a vision and feel for the whole night. Cory picked out a great selection of music for the different parts of the evening which set the tone.

Cory and Sabrina's tables

Cory and Sabrina's Menu Cards

Cory and Sabrina's cake

These gorgeous pictures in this post were all done by Rick and Lee Siegel with Siegel Portrait Design. We have known them for awhile through different mixers we attend but have not had the chance to work with them. They were a blast and so nice to work with. They do amazing work, and a side note he also does paintings from his pictures. NOTHING beats these, I have seen them and they are breathe taking.

Cory and his groomsmen


Ok, back to Cory and Sabrina. It was a pleasure to work with them and detail out everything they wanted. They were very particular and knew what they wanted. They Venue was beautiful, Sabrina was GORGEOUS (loved her dress!) and the vendors made the day EXTRAORDINARY. We all did our part and respected each others roles and that’s what makes fantastic weddings with priceless memories. It is always a pleasure to have professionals to work with. Thanks Heidi, Alison, Rick, Lee, Katie, Stephanie and everyone else that was a part of their big day. Cory and Sabrina you were amazing and your wedding was beautiful, thank you for letting us be a part of your big day!

Cory and Sabrina

Here’s their song choices:

Bride and Groom Intro: These are Days by Ten Thousands Maniacs

First Dance: Beautiful in My Eyes by Joshua Kadison

Father/Daughter Dance: I Loved her First by Heartland

Anniversary Dance: Through the Years by Kenny Rogers

Cake Cutting: You and Me by Dave Matthews Band

Last Dance: Could I Have This Dance by Anne Murray

Aaron and Karen’s “Simply Chic” backyard wedding

Aaron and Karen planned majority of their October 3 wedding from a-far. They live down by southern Ca. Karen’s mom and dad Elisa and Chuck live her in Sacramento where they had their wedding. They re-did their backyard for the wedding and it was lovely.

It was so great meeting with them for our initial consultation. We were so excited to talk to them about everything and see their excitement. They are soooo in love, it was enjoyable to watch them together. We had one planning session before they left to SoCal and everything else was done by email. When we got to their wedding the day of things had changed a little but I think they were good choices. Instead of a table side Ceremony which they planned, they just did a regular ceremony and flipped it during the Cocktail hour. A friend did the pictures and a family friend of Aaron’s that is a Minister married them. It was a beautiful Ceremony with some live music by another friend singing and playing the guitar. It was emotional. 🙂 The food was DELICIOSO! It was provided by Crisp Catering. The staff looked very professional and were very accomadating. They worked hard on the flip during the cocktail hour, it was a surprise to them too. Great company, delicious food!

I loved the decor, they kept it very simple but chic… They just had vases with bright orange roses as centerpieces and bouquets. My favorite decor item was mason jars with flowers in them hanging on the Ceremony chairs. After the Ceremony they were hung with the rest of the mason jars with candles around the perimeter. It was such an intimate atmosphere. I didn’t take any pictures but I pulled this from a blog: Georgie my Love. She had some pictures of what they looked like for you Do it Yourselfers. 🙂 Here is their song selections:

Mason jars with flowers

Seating of Family: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring (Festival Strings)

Groomsmen and Bridesmaids: Canon in D (Lumiere String)

Bridal Processional: Ben Harper (CD was provided, not sure of the song)

Recessional: Wedding March (Barrymore Chamber Orchestra)

Bride & Groom Intro: It Had to be You by Harry Connick Jr.

First Dance: Love & Some Verses by Iron and Wine

Cake Cutting: At Last by Etta James

Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance: The Way you Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

BT SONG:  Single Ladies by Beyonce

GT (removal): Lets Get it on by Marvin Gaye

GT (throw): Another one bites the dust by Queen

Last Dance: We belong together by Gavin DeGraw

Zac and Candace’s Wedding – Green with Envy…

Zac and Candace's Sign in Table

One of the kindest, nicest couples you will ever met! We did Zac and Candace’s fabulous wedding at Wine and Roses in Lodi, Ca on September 26. It is such a beautiful venue with lots of character. We were in the smaller of their two rooms called the Cellar Room. We had their Ceremony on a intimate cobblestone patio surrounded by a botanical garden and the reception on the outdoor patio and Cellar Room. They made their decor simple but BEAUTIFUL. Shannon with Flourish did a PHENOMENAL job. The color scheme was green and chocolate brown with white accents. Here are some pictures Shannon took of all the flowers, enjoy!

Wedding Aisle at Wine and Roses Lodi, Ca

boutonniere and corsage

Candace's Bouquet

Zac and Candace's Centerpiece

Candace knew what she wanted and went for it! They were very decisive which is great when planning a wedding. They put together a candy bar too for their guests as favors. And yes you guessed it, everything was green or brown. The boxes were very cute as well. (I am a girl, I enjoy the pretty things) They also had Jaclyn with Jaclyn Photography. This was our first time working with her and her husband and they were so easy to work with. They were very detailed oriented and really made everyone feel comfortable. We are excited to see some pictures!

Zac and Candace had a fun group. Zac’s brother did an amazing toast. They are big sports fans, especially baseball. His whole toast has key terms and references to baseball, it was so great to listen to. Even though the wedding seemed simple, nothing was over looked. Candace looked stunning in her dress. The more weddings we go to the more dresses we see that are just so lovely. She did a fantastic job on picking hers! Here are their song selections:

Intro Song: Everything by Michael Buble

Cake Cutting: Ain’t That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin

First Dance: Hold You in my Arms by Ray Lamontagne

Combined Parents Dance: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong

GT Removal SONG: Luck be a Lady by Frank Sinatra

GT Throw SONG: Let’s get it Started by Black Eyed Peas

BT SONG: Wishin’ and Hopin’ from My Best Friends Wedding

Last Dance: At Last by Etta James