Featured Vendor: Tinywater Photography – Gabe and Karen’s Wedding

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

So in our prior post “Karen and Gabe’s “Entertaining” wedding at the Hyatt Regency Sacramento” we talked a little about the photographers we got to work with, Caroline and Daniel. We really think they did an awesome job so wanted to spot light them. 🙂

Browsing through their beautiful website we learned a lot about them. A little about Caroline and Daniel is their uniqueness with their photography. “Classically trained artisans, Caroline is educated as a designer who marries the mood of the clients she photographs with individualized concepts for each shoot, while Daniel complements sessions with his own offbeat yet romantic style and caters to the business side of the studio.”

We so enjoyed them and recommend taking the time to look at their website and blog to learn more about them and see how they capture so many gorgeous weddings!

They also sent us pictures from Gabe and Karen’s wedding which we just had to share. And a link to Karen and Gabe’s slideshow

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

CUTEST shoes…

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

Tinywater Photography, Sacramento, Napa and San Francisco

Featured Caterer of the Month – Magpie Caterer’s (and Cafe)

Sacramento Caterer's, Magpie Catering

I wanted to feature Janel and Ed of Magpie Catering this month because not only are the fabulous but because they just opened their Market Place and Cafe. We are so excited to be able to have their food whenever we want instead of just events we work together. Brandon and I went to their Grand Opening and everyone there was so excited for them. They build relationships with all their clients, they are so easy to get along with too. It is so cute and peaceful there. They have a wonderful menu that is always changing, you can see it on their website to check out what’s new today.

Magpie Caterers is continually looking for ways to make exciting cuisine both more sustainable and accessible. We use a mix of organic, seasonal and locally grown produce to create menus that reflect the cultural and culinary fabric of northern California. Magpie Caterers uses meats and poultry that are raised without hormones or antibiotics.”

They also offer a variety of cheeses, meats and other items you can buy there. We recommend stopping in and getting anything, you will love it! Also if you are looking for someone for your wedding or any event, they are the best! We love them!

1490 R Street Suite 102 Sacramento, Ca 95811

Hours: Monday – Saturday 7:30am – 9:00pm

Featured Venue of the Month – Vizcaya Pavilion and Mansion

So I thought I would start having a featured Venue and Vendors of the month of new people we meet or even old ones that we get to work with again. We are all over all the time and get to see and work with so many awesome vendors. I can’t keep updating my referral list fast enough so I thought I would showcase them on our blog. This month is the Vizcaya Pavilion and Mansion. The post before this has an event we did there and we will be there in a week for a wedding so I thought they would be a great pick. Also they have a fantastic staff. They are all very professional and work so hard on whatever the event may be.

They have earned dozens on “Best of Awards” and are still winning them! Along with the Venues Pavilion is their Historic Victorian Mansion which is adjacent to it. The Mansion is so cute, inviting and cozy, it also holds a lot of history. The rooms are great for overnight weddings. You can have your wedding there and just have to go upstairs to your room till you take off to your honeymoon the next day. We would recommend considering them for your wedding, they will take care of you!

Front of Historic Victorian Mansion

The front view of the Vizcaya Historical Victorian Mansion

Front of Vizcaya Pavilion

Front of the Vizcaya Pavilion

Inside half of the Pavilion

Inside half of the Vizcaya Pavilion

Look at the whole room from the previous post.