Photo by Char Beck Photography

Emotions at a wedding is a good thing!

Thanks to Char Beck Photography

We often find ourselves at specific moments at weddings where people try their hardest to make sure they feel no emotion, as if emotions are a bad thing. I remember at a rehearsal a while back, we had a family member reading their passage for the ceremony and she blew right through — reading it as fast as she could so she wouldn’t cry. We told her to slow down, be in the moment, feel what she is reading and it’s ok to cry. There was a huge difference in the overall message she was trying to portray when she read it with emotion, it was meaningful and heartfelt. Think of it as a 5 year old when you force them to say I’m sorry, you can definitely tell when they mean it or not; same goes for this.

First look!

Thanks to Rachelle Photography for the photo.

Thanks to Rachelle Photography for the picture.






We also had another instance where our groom was getting a little overwhelmed at his wedding before the ceremony and wanted a second before we started. It was a little chilly outside so I understand guests were getting a little cold but I also didn’t want him to feel rushed or forced, it was his day too. At this point I have the Venue Coordinator demanding we start because guests are cold, I explained the grooms situation and she didn’t care and told us to hurry up. I went on to take care of my couple and got him situated and then the bridesmaids and as I was getting ready to head in and grab our bride the Venue Coordinator looked at me as said, “well now she’s crying because you waited too long”. Now because I am professional I didn’t knock her out though I wanted to. Instead I said, “Feeling emotion is ok, this is a big step they are taking and she is feeling it”. I calmly walked up to the bride, instead of being frantic like the Venue Coordinator, and asked her if she was ready to start. She smiled and told me that she was and we walked out together and sent her down the aisle ready and full of commitment to marry this man.

Thanks to Goodness Photography for the photo

Now we all feel emotions differently and depending on what we are doing, there are times we want different reactions. Whether we play games to pass time and evoke laughter or quiet the room and take a moment as we hear a Maid of Honor toast her best friend. A wedding isn’t an everyday affair, it’s a once in a lifetime, in the moment experience that you want to remember. We remember things by how things make us feel. One of our favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou, “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

We don’t just play music, we live in each moment of your wedding with you and help create feelings and emotions that mold your day and create memories that last a lifetime. Don’t hire a “DJ” for your wedding that thinks his job is to just play music; our job should include so much more than that!

Photo by Granddeur Photography

Kevin and Cierra’s {Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa}

Kevin and Cierra by Grandeur Photography

Kevin and Cierra’s wedding

Kevin and Cierra’s Arden Hills Wedding

How cute and Kevin and Cierra?? We had the absolute pleasure of working with these two last year on their wedding at Arden Hills Resort Club and Spa. Kevin and Cierra had quite the engagement story. Long story short, Kevin and Cierra have a comic that they read every week together so what better way to ask someone to marry you than to have the comic strip writer ask for you? That’s exactly what Kevin did, for the full story go here: Sacbee. We included some of their super cute engagement pictures as well as wedding photos by their incredibly talented photographer Renae Lamb of Grandeur Photography. She did an amazing job!

We did a lot of fun things with Kevin and Cierra, from an “interesting” love story, to table captains and trivia to release tables to fun raffles, it was one of our favorite weddings! It was unique and a lot of fun. These two are so awesome that Real Wedding Magazine blogged about them too! Go here to see it.

This wedding was totally DYI. The bouquet was a highlight for me, it was paper flowers and brooches. LOVE! Thank you Kevin and Cierra for letting us share your special day, we just love you guys!

Song Choices:
Seating of Family processional: That Moon Song by Gregory Alan Isakov
Bridal Processional: Butterfly Nets by Bishop Allen
Recessional: Johnny Appleseed by Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros
Bride and Groom Intro: Cobrastyle by the Teddybears and Music for a Found Harmonium by Penguin Café Orchestra
First Dance: 3 Rounds a Sound by Blind Spot
Last Dance: Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show

Citizen Hotel Wedding

Jenny and Allen’s Romantic Wedding {Citizen Hotel, Downtown Sacramento}

Citizen Hotel Wedding

So cute

Jenny and Allen’s Citizen Hotel Wedding

So romantic, classic, and timeless. Those are the words we would use to describe Jenny and Allen’s wedding. These two were married at the Citizen Hotel in Downtown Sacramento last year. This Citizen hotel is amazing, from their Scandal Bar to the Grange restaurant to the Metropolitan Terrace, it is perfect for any occasion. We had the pleasure of working with a fabulous team: Kate Miller with Kate Miller Events, Sarah Maren with Sarah Maren Photography (thanks for the beautiful pictures in the post), Cake by Freeport Bakery and last but definitely not least Martha with Blooms by Martha. Everything came together thanks to their awesome planner Kate.

Both Jenny and Allen are lawyers and met at a library, so what better way to have your guests find their name cards than a library card catalog. This was one of our favorite details! All the special touches from the candles to line the aisle, the flawless cake, to the romantic lighting upstairs to the customized ceremony (Jenny is Catholic and Allen is Jewish so the ceremony was a mix of both) to the whole color scheme, we just fell in love with it all. Jenny and Allen has a vision and it will be a wedding that will stand the tests of time. They were so fun to work with and we couldn’t have asked for a better team of vendors! Thanks Allen and Jenny for letting us share in your special day. Mazel tov!!

Song choices:

Ceremony music: Played ans sang by family
Bridal Processional: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Big Iz
Recessional: Beautiful Day by U2
Wedding Party Intro: I’m Yours with Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Jason Mraz (Straight no chaser)
Cake Cutting: Cake the Cake by the Average White Band
First Dance: Sea of Love by Cat Power
Father/Daughter Dance: Make You Feel my Love by Adele
Mother/Son Dance: You’ve Got a Friend in Me by Randy Newman
Bouquet Toss: Single Ladies by Beyonce
Garter Toss: Can’t Get Enough of Your Love by Barry White
Anniversary Dance: At Last by Etta James, When I’m 64 by the Beatles
Last Dance: They Way You Look Tonight by Frank Sinatra

David and Stacie's Amador Wedding

David and Stacie’s Rockin’ Amador Wedding {Dobra Zemlja Winery}

David and Stacie's Amador Wedding

David and Stacie’s Amador  County Wedding

David and Stacie’s Amador County Wedding

Aren’t David and Stacie adorable?! We love getting to know our clients and helping them with anything on their wedding day and these two were no exception! David and Stacie were such a perfect pair. With their humor and easy going attitudes; they mesh beautifully. We are glad to call them friends.

They were married last June in Amador County at Dobra Zemlja Winery. David and Stacie would help out friends there with tastings on the weekends so when they were to be married they knew that would be the place. It is such a cute outdoor location, very peaceful. David and Stacie knew what was most important to them on their wedding day; family, friends and FUN! I am not sure how we would describe their wedding, maybe Shabby Redneck? 🙂 Stacie did such an awesome job designing her wedding; from the bar b q menu (from the fabulous Texas West Bar B Q), to the “must haves” –  the photo booth and ice cream sundae bar, the black and pink color scheme, and even their cups. It was such an awesome wedding.

A few of our favorite things about their wedding: For the recessional they went straight to the photo booth to get their picture taken (we have priorities you know), the toasts by Stacie’s kids (so touching and sweet), & the party!

We had an awesome team of vendors and the wedding went off without a hitch. We had the opportunity of working with Shellie Kennedy of  Capture Photography. We have since then worked with her again and love her more and more. She is crazy talented and look forward to working with her again this year. We hope you enjoy her fabulous pictures of David and Stacie’s wedding from Shellie.

Thanks David and Stacie, we love you guys!

Dave and Kalisha's Sacramento LDS Wedding

Dave and Kalisha’s Sacramento Wedding {Granite Bay Golf Club}

Dave and Kalisha’s Sacramento Wedding

Sacramento Wedding, LDS Temple and Granite Bay Golf Club

Dave and Kalisha's Sacramento Wedding

Dave and Kalisha’s send off!

Loving the colors Dave and Kalisha picked for their Sacramento wedding! We had the pleasure of working with Dave and Kalisha on their wedding this last year. We enjoyed being a part of the memories that were made and the simplicity of everything. Thanks to Randy Collier – Photographic Design for the pretty in our post! He was awesome to work with. Randy is located in Utah but Kalisha’s family get all their pictures done by him so had to have him for her Sacramento wedding.

Dave and Kalisha had their ceremony earlier in the day at the Sacramento LDS Temple in Rancho Cordova and then followed their reception at Granite Bay Golf Club. Both are beautiful places! It doesn’t take much to decorate Granite Bay Golf Club but their flower choices made the room pop. Granite Bay Golf Club provided the food which was fun and unique. We had a crepe’s station, an ice cream sundae bar and a cheese, cracker and bread station.

We also had a delicious cake provided by Freeport Bakery (the piping work was exquisite). I would take desserts instead of dinner any day!

One of our favorite parts of their wedding was Dave’s toast/description of why he picked their first dance. He was put in charge of the task and we think he hit it our of the park! Kalisha is very well cultured with a musically inclined family who love art and Dave is sarcastic, funny and easy going. Kalisha often wondered how they were together because they were so different. Dave told us a story and I will try my best not to ruin it:

One day as they were driving in the car Kalisha mentioned how they had nothing in common. Dave replied with, ” Would you say we have no common ground to start from?” Kalsiha replied “yes” (and slightly puzzled to the question). He then replied with, “What about “Breakfast at Tiffany’s?” She knowing the movie replied with, “yes, what about it?” Totally confused as to what Dave was doing (and playing right into his plan). Dave then replied with, “As I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it. Well, that’s the one thing we’ve got.” We are not sure she caught on right away but it came down to the song, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. He joked how he could have picked a “Thousand Years by Christina Perri” but that song was dumb and he only liked it when she sang it. This song was perfect (besides the fact it talked about breaking up). He sent us the song he wanted to use of an instrumental version he made of Breakfast at Tiffany’s which had so much meaning (without the breaking up part).

One last shout out to Dave’s mom Laurie (who we got to work closely with), she made these super cute streamers for their send off. She said she is not that talented and enlisted a few friends to help, they turned our fabulous ladies!

Thanks Dave and Kalisha for letting us share in your special day. We wish you an eternity of happiness.

Sacramento Wedding

Frank and Liz’s “Bear-y” sweet backyard wedding {Private Residence, Sacramento Wedding}

Frank and Liz’s Sacramento Wedding

Sacramento wedding {Backyard}

Sacramento WeddingFrank and Liz have an amazing family. Both Barbara and Steve were an absolute pleasure to work with and we really enjoyed getting to know them. Frank and Liz live out of state so we got to work a lot with Barbara and Steve on the details of their wedding. Their wedding was an intimate Sacramento wedding in her parents backyard. Love the pictures, the camera ate Liz up, she was amazing in front of the camera.

We just blogged in our last post about our favorite person and are excited to blog about her again, the oh so talented Rachelle of Rachelle Photography. She does amazing work and this wedding is NO EXCEPTION! Loved the details and the beauty she caught of this Sacramento wedding.

Some of our favorites: Liz’s brother who was the Ring “Bea-er”. Her cake topper: Liz made a picture of her and her future husband when she was a little girl and her mom saved it and they made it her cake topper (very fitting since they both work in the art world). Her dad married them: Liz’s dad Steve is a retired judge so he married them, one of the best ceremonies we have heard, so touching! These all added a nice person touch.

 They hired Magpie Caterer’s for their food which means Brandon was in heaven! They also have a 2 cafe’s so if you don’t get the pleasure of having them at a wedding then you must go to their Magpie Cafe on R Street in downtown Sacramento for some delicious food or to Yellowbill Cafe and Bakery on 14th street for breakfast and desserts. Their chocolate chip cookies are my favorite!

We were excited to offer market lights and paper lanterns to add to the ambiance of the wedding. Their wedding took place in the beginning of August and we had a crazy thunder and lighting storm during the reception. It was so weird but it didn’t put a damper on this wedding! We just cleared the tables quickly and threw table clothes over our speakers and kept rocking while the guests moved inside. Definitely one for the books! Thanks Liz, Frank, Barbara and Steve for letting us share in your special day.

Song Choices:

Family and Wedding Party Processional: Strange Magic by ELO            
Bridal Processional: Just You by David Lynch (Twin Peaks)
Recessional: Happy Together by the Turtles
Wedding Party Introduced: Let’s Stay Together by Al Green  
Dedication to Bug: Unforgettable by Nat King Cole (Duet)
Cake Cutting: You’re My Best Friend by Queen  
First Dance: Porque te vas by Jeanette
Father/Daughter Song: Rehab by Amy Winehouse into My Girl by the Temptations
Mother/Son Song: Norah Jones
Last Dance: Bye, Bye Baby by Marlin Manroe

Jordan and Victoria’s “Super” Wedding – {Timber Creek Ballroom}

Jordan and Victoria’s wedding at Timber Creek Ballroom

Cutest couple!

Cutest couple!

Can I tell you how much we ADORE Jordan and Victoria (and all their friends)?! These two are the best! Plus their wedding was nothing short of spectacular. We enjoyed every moment planning and work with Jordan and Victoria on their wedding entertainment. Of course our most favorite person ever Rachelle of Rachelle Photography took these fabulous pictures and captured the details perfectly. Jordan and Victoria had the perfect team of vendors, the ceremony and reception were held at the gorgeous Timber Creek Ballroom at Sun City Roseville (we love the new addition to the ceremony site), Christopher Nesbitt with a Five Star Ceremony was there Minister who married them (he is always professional and fun, we just love him) and last but not least we had Shelton’s Wedding Cake Designs provide their wedding cake and let us tell you, it was totally Jordan and Victoria (ok maybe just Victoria). We were excited to uplight the ballroom as well to create a romantic atmosphere with some beautiful purple lighting. One of our favorite wedding of the year! Thanks Jordan and Victoria for letting us share your special day, here’s to many many years of happiness!

Oh we do have to mention how we know this is true love: Jordan’s toast. Victoria is a die hard Twilight fan, we mean die hard! With that said Jordan was sure to incorporate Edwards quote to Bella in his toast, it was so sweet. That’s how we know they are made for each other. 🙂


Song Choices:

Family and Wedding Party Processional: River Flows in You by Yiruma
Bridal Processional: Bella’s Lullaby from Twilight
Recessional: I Love Lucy Theme Wedding Party Intro: Star Wars Theme Song
First Dance: This I Swear by Nick Lachey
Cake Cutting: A Dream is a Wish from Cinderella
Father/Daughter Song: Always on My Mind by Elvis Presley
Mother/Son Song: All to You by DJ Keo into Wake Me Up Before You Go Go by Wham!
Garter Toss Song: Cherry Pie by Warrant
Bouquet Toss Song: I Feel Like a Woman by Shania Twain
Last Dance: Flightless Bird American Mouth by Iron and Wine

Jennifer and Jake’s Sacramento Wedding {Courtyard D’Oro}

Jen and Jake's Wedding at Courtyard D'Oro

Jen and Jake’s Wedding at Courtyard D’Oro by Jenn Bartell

We had the opportunity to work with Jen and Jake after we helped out with Jen’s twin sisters wedding a few years ago. You can find them here, Chrissy and Casey’s Wedding. We have a lot of memories with Casey and Chrissy’s wedding, it was FUN! We just adore both these couples. Jen and Jake though knew their wedding would be a little more low key. Though they are twins Chrissy and Jen are very different. So as we planned the details out with Jen and Jake we wanted to be sure we helped them make “their” wedding.

Jen and her girls

Jen and her girls

Jake and his guys

Jake and his guys

It was a HOT June afternoon in Sacramento at Courtyard D’Oro, it was peaceful and beautiful. We had the hard-working staff at Courtyard D’Oro making sure everything was in place and ready to go and we had Jenn with Jenn Bartell Photo ready to rock all their pictures (which she did, thanks for the eye candy in our post. LOVE!). You can’t forget the incredible cake by New Roma Bakery with a millions flavors and last but not least the kids from Elk Grove High School that did her flowers. Jen mentioned that the kids are taking a class and do affordable flowers to gain experience, she was sooo happy with them!  Jen and Jake made a lot of their own things for the wedding but the most memorable was their fan. Look here, isn’t it perfect?

Jen and Jake's fan

Jen and Jake’s fan

Jen and Jake with their wedding party

Jen and Jake with their wedding party

We planned a lot of fun things with them; custom intros that Jake wrote up since he’s a creative writer, trivia to release tables and their Top 10 list pass along cards. Their guests were so in-tune with everything and participated. It ended up being a fun filled evening (even if it was blistering outside). 😉

Jake being awesome and Jen just going with it

Jake being awesome and Jen just going with it

We love you Jake!

We love you Jake!

Sound Image Photo Booth

Jen and Jake in a Sound Image Photo Booth

Below is their cute photo booth print, we think it fit them perfectly! Thanks Jen and Jake for being awesome and letting us share your spectacular day with you!

Sound Image Photo Booth

Sound Image Photo Booth

Song choices:

Family Processional: “Don’t Worry Baby” – Adrian Holovaty (Beach Boys cover)
Wedding Party Processional: “In My Life” – Adrian Holovaty (The Beatles cover)
Bridal ProcessionalG: Canon in D by Barrymoore Chamber Orchestra
Recessional: “Eight Days A Week” – The Beatles
Wedding Party Intros: “Empire State of Mind” – Jay Z feat. Alicia Keys, “Superfly” – Curtis Mayfield, “The Bike Song” – Mark Ronson & the Business Intl, “Cedar” – MF DOOM instrumental, “Do You Wanna Dance” – The Ramones, “Bad” – Michael Jackson, “What’s New, Pussycat?” – Tom Jones, “House of Ballons / Glass Table Girls” – The Weeknd, “Your Touch” – The Black Keys
Cake Cutting: “Love and Marriage” – Frank Sinatra
First Dance: “Fly Me To The Moon” – Frank Sinatra
Father/Daughter Dance: “Nothing Can Change This Love” – Sam Cooke
Mother/Son Dance: “(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)” – Coldplay (Beastie Boys cover)
Bouquet Toss: “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It)” – Beyonce
Last Dance: “At Last” – Etta James

Taylor and Carrie's wedding at Crocker Art Museum

Taylor and Carrie’s Sacramento Wedding {Crocker Art Museum}

Taylor and Carrie's wedding at Crocker Art Museum

Taylor and Carrie’s wedding at Crocker Art Museum

LOVE LOVE LOVE  Taylor and Carrie. We had the pleasure of working with the two of them earlier this year in March. Carrie is so funny and whitty and Taylor is a little more quiet and reserved which we think always makes for a fun couple. These two had their plates full with working, planning a wedding and Taylor studying for the California Bar. We don’t know how our couples do it all but they continue to impress us.

Taylor and Carrie's wedding at Crocker Art Museum

Taylor and Carrie’s wedding at Crocker Art Museum

These two were married at the beautiful Crocker Art Museum, which is such an amazing place. Cindy and her staff customized the space perfect for them and their family and friends. We enjoyed a lovely indoor ceremony in part of the room and then the reception on the other half. The reds Taylor and Carrie picked out just popped everywhere. We had the fabulous Sarah with Sarah Maren Photography taking their pictures and capturing the night. We had such a fun night with the two of them and their wonderful families. Thanks Taylor and Carrie for letting us share in your special day!

Taylor and Carrie's wedding at Crocker Art Museum

Fun picture of Carrie and her sisters dancing to their song mash-up!

Here are their song choices:

Seating of Family: Water Music
Wedding Party Processional: Water Music
Bridal Processional: Canon in D by London Symphony Orchestra
Recessional: I’m a Believer by Smash Mouth
Bride and Groom Intro: Fly Me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra
First Dance: Around the World by Nat King Cole
Cake Cutting: How Sweet it is (to be Loved by You) by Marvin Gaye
Combined Parents Dance: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong
Last Dance: Come Away With me by Norah Jones

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River

Darci + Dan = Amazing {Le Rivage Hotel and Scott’s Seafood on the River}

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River

Dan and Darci by Monica Neumann Lunardi Photo Artist

I just can’t express in words how much we love Dan and Darci. These two are hilarious! We had the opportunity to work with Dan and Darci on their wedding at the wonderful Le Rivage Hotel and Scott’s Seafood on the River. Chelsey there is by far one of the best! The staff there is top notch and we LOVE working there.

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River

Dan and Darci are married!

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River

Dan and Darci with their Maid of Honor and Best Man

We also had the chance to work with Monica of Monica Neumann Lunardi, Photo Artist. She was so fun and these shots are so cute! Thanks Monica for the pictures in this post. Check out her FB page for more photo’s, it was so hard to choose only a few! Now back to our fabulous couple. Dan and Darci have so much energy and it translated into their wedding. Some fun, unique things: their friend Nick officiated (he did phenomenal), their cake and mini cakes by Divine Desserts and the decor by Darci. Their wedding was so much fun! They both have very contagious laughs and their smiles just want to make you smile. We have to mention their wedding party, so supportive and just rock stars. We will always remember Dan and Darci and their hot pink/black/damask wedding. 🙂

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River

Dan and Darci’s sexy wedding party!

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River

Love this shot…

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River

Sexy ladies…

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River

Darci and her super sweet dad…

Thanks Dan and Darci for letting us hang with you on your wonderful day. We love you lots!


Seating of Family Processional: Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland
Wedding Party Processional: The Best is Yet to Come by Michale Buble
Bridal Processional: Marry Me by Train
Recessional: Another One Bites the Dust by Queen
Wedding Party Intro: Fat Bottom Gilrs by Queen, I’m Sexy and I Know it by LMFAO, Save a Horse Ride a Cowboy by Big and Rich, Single Ladies by Beyonce, Private Dance by Tina Turner, I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred, Regulators by Warren G, Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars
Cake Cutting: Pour Some Sugar on Me by Deff Leppard
First Dance: At Last by Etta James
Father/Daughter: You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker
Mother/Son: Let is Be by the Beatles
Money Dance: What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong   
Garter Toss: Cherry Pie by Warrant
Bouquet Toss: Gold Digger by Kayne West 
Last Call: Shoots by LMFAO and Lil Jon
Last Dance: Save the Last Dance by Michael Buble, I’ve Had the Time of My Life by Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley

Their thank you says it all…

Dan and Darci at Le Rivage and Scott's Seafood on the River