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Emotions at a wedding is a good thing!

Thanks to Char Beck Photography

We often find ourselves at specific moments at weddings where people try their hardest to make sure they feel no emotion, as if emotions are a bad thing. I remember at a rehearsal a while back, we had a family member reading their passage for the ceremony and she blew right through — reading it as fast as she could so she wouldn’t cry. We told her to slow down, be in the moment, feel what she is reading and it’s ok to cry. There was a huge difference in the overall message she was trying to portray when she read it with emotion, it was meaningful and heartfelt. Think of it as a 5 year old when you force them to say I’m sorry, you can definitely tell when they mean it or not; same goes for this.

First look!

Thanks to Rachelle Photography for the photo.

Thanks to Rachelle Photography for the picture.






We also had another instance where our groom was getting a little overwhelmed at his wedding before the ceremony and wanted a second before we started. It was a little chilly outside so I understand guests were getting a little cold but I also didn’t want him to feel rushed or forced, it was his day too. At this point I have the Venue Coordinator demanding we start because guests are cold, I explained the grooms situation and she didn’t care and told us to hurry up. I went on to take care of my couple and got him situated and then the bridesmaids and as I was getting ready to head in and grab our bride the Venue Coordinator looked at me as said, “well now she’s crying because you waited too long”. Now because I am professional I didn’t knock her out though I wanted to. Instead I said, “Feeling emotion is ok, this is a big step they are taking and she is feeling it”. I calmly walked up to the bride, instead of being frantic like the Venue Coordinator, and asked her if she was ready to start. She smiled and told me that she was and we walked out together and sent her down the aisle ready and full of commitment to marry this man.

Thanks to Goodness Photography for the photo

Now we all feel emotions differently and depending on what we are doing, there are times we want different reactions. Whether we play games to pass time and evoke laughter or quiet the room and take a moment as we hear a Maid of Honor toast her best friend. A wedding isn’t an everyday affair, it’s a once in a lifetime, in the moment experience that you want to remember. We remember things by how things make us feel. One of our favorite quotes is by Maya Angelou, “At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”

We don’t just play music, we live in each moment of your wedding with you and help create feelings and emotions that mold your day and create memories that last a lifetime. Don’t hire a “DJ” for your wedding that thinks his job is to just play music; our job should include so much more than that!